Production of Corbières wines

Vineyard area entitled to the Corbières appellation: 10,000 hectares on average
Average yield: 38hl/ha
Average production: 400,000 hl/year
There are 1,255 producers in the Corbières appellation area, 216 independent wineries and 23 co-operative wineries

In 2014, the Corbières appellation area declared production of 402,798 hl out of a total volume of 1,383,000 hl for all Languedoc appellations, equating to 29% of overall production. 

Yields for Corbières wines:
(The maximum yield permitted in production specifications is 50hl/ha). 

Sales in multiple grocer outlets (hypermarkets and supermarkets)
The number of bottles sold rose by 6% in volume

Exports accounted for 35% of volumes in 2014, including 20% in Europe.